donderdag 3 februari 2011


Ok, this sounds like I'm a huge bananoholic. Which is not entirely true. I mostly enjoy chemical banana flavors. Sue me.
Anyway, I saw Deborah's quick swatches of the new H&M polishes and naturally I had to run to H&M the next day to get them. That's the downside of working downtown, like 1 block from the shopping centre. Danger lures way too close. Although I was most enthusiastic about Hunt Me Down (since it's a drekkie), I tried Going Bananas first. Going Bananas is a pastel yellow with a slight hint of green shimmer in it. The green does not show on pictures, unfortunately. I used three coats and like all pastel yellows, it's not easy to master. I topped it off with Poshe, which is like my best friend in the whole universe.
This is with flash under artificial light:

And without flash under artificial light:

Spring! Come! Now! Plz!
As soon as winter fades and I still have some daylight left when I come home from work every day, my picture color accuracy will improve. Just you wait.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm not a fan of yellow or pastels usually, but this is pretty nice!! Wish spring was here already, hate winter!

  2. Never thought you would wear something like this before a drekkie!